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Hammer (P)

Hey guys, some of you have seen me post in the pump section but figured I'd make my presence known here since I'll have a few questions as time goes on with my latest pick up.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS THING! Currently just testing it out at home, did not replace any o rings (dunno when or if they ever were) but everything seals up, don't hear any leaks and even though I have not received my feedneck yet for it, loading in a single paintball and firing it off seemed to go without a hitch.

some questions:

Best barrel? It has what it looks like its OG short barrel, it works and I love the size of it but I figured a lot of people use Freak kits to bore down to prevent rollouts. I have a freak kit thats AC threaded so would just getting a spyder adapter work? or would it be better to just get a spyder threaded back?

Detents? I can pump pretty properly and I really REALLY don't want to drill into this body. Do people use a little nail polish still? I never did but always heard of that.

a Manual for this thing? I have only done a minimal search for this so maybe I just overlooked it.

Thanks guys! Always wanted a Hammer (7 tho lol) and I ended up selling things at a pawn shop and saw this guy sitting there..picked it up for 25!
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