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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
So in your opinion a marker has to be exactly modeled after a military counterpart to be considered milsim?
I'm not arguing I just find that interesting if that is correct

What if I'm dressed head to toe in military gear but am carrying a mr5? Am I not a milsim player?

What if I have a t68 but dress in speedball gear?

For that matter, what if I dress in military gear, carry a t68 but have painted it like a rainbow?
More just out of all the markers out there the 468 and T15 are as close to "simulation" as we can get today.

How you dress also doesn't dictate what you are, but if you wear military styled gear because you are directly modeling after soldiers, in the aim to simulate that, then sure, milsim.

I think it's more about the details between military simulation and scenario play. Dress code, radio discipline, and organization, with marker restrictions, would push a simulated feel to paintball. While scenario play uses those same concepts as more ideas to bring a game style to paintball.

Take Platoon Leader as a prime example. There are uniform requirements, marker requirements, and the missions are designed on actual military function and structure.
A scenario game might organize teams into units, but it is still fundamentally paintball, as opposed to a simulation event that uses paintball because real bullets hurt too much lol.
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