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Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
Milsim = LARPing + military-esque paintball gear + marker.

Originally Posted by Mr Idiot Box View Post
Airsoft style Cosplay with Paintballs.

Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
I'm not saying you HAVE to, but that kind of is what this whole thread is about

What do YOU consider milsim.
I agree with the other's I quoted. If that's a drawn line, then so be it.

I, me, consider Milsim wearing and playing with hot/heavy/hard surface sub-optimal gear to live out some GI Joe fantasy. Like when I first started and though a M98 with a Flatline, Ghille Suit, and just finding "the" spot to shoot everybody from.

You play awhile, you quickly realize what you individually need or don't. I realized I didn't need a "backup" pistol strapped to my thigh or a 20in barrel on my Tippmann. That doesn't mean it's wrong or silly. It means it's not for me.
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