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Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
I realized I didn't need a "backup" pistol strapped to my thigh or a 20in barrel on my .
Lol, I first read this as a backup pistol with a 20in barrel and got a mental image of someone trying to holster that.

I know the reality is someone has tried... And it hurts my brain a little

Also, whenever the conversation of a "backup" pistol comes up try this next time:

Player "Something something, I have a backup pistol"

You: "a backup? So you are counting on your main marker breaking today?"

Player: "well no but stuff happens"

You: "so you didn't do your maintenance correct?... Got it"

It's pretty funny sometimes to see the wheels turn on that one because some players have never thought of WHY they have a pistol. It's just one of those things that you seemingly have to have as a milsim player

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