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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
Perception and expectations.
Think of it this way... If your buddy stops by to chat, and his kid gets out and plays with his soccer ball in the yard then turns his ankle, you've probably got nothing to worry about. But if you invite enough people for 2 soocer teams, supply all the equipment, and prepare a field to play on and somebody breaks their ankle, then I would suspect you might have a little more to worry about.
I'm no lawyer, just my 2 cents.
Maybe... but home liability works that an injury is an injury, and the home insurance is there to cover it. If 20 people all shot their eyes out that could be really interesting... but me providing a soccer ball or paintball equipment doesn't seem different to me, the liability would still be the same - for the purpose of inviting a bunch of friends over to play.

I think there might be a more conflicted argument if the insurance company claimed it was a business activity and denied coverage. If they viewed the organization and materials as an enterprise activity, there is other insurance for that.

Maybe I just answered my own question, but I guess the question not is if it is risky to have a quick game of paintball on your property for fun, but what are the limitations of home insurance.

I still think liability would be the same though for a fun event with friends that happened rarely, or else I'd be really screwed this past thanksgiving with my 28 relatives all playing flag football at my house.
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