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SOLD Tippmann 98 w/ techt cyclone, RT


Hey MCB, up for sale is one of my personal stock 98's, no batteries required.

Tippmann 98 Platinum, carefully polished internals
-SLY carbon fiber barrel kit (four backs .683-.692, plus the wrap)
-Cyclone feed with x7 hopper, techt vortex mod, techt squishy paddles, palmers QEV
-Response Trigger
-Pro Team products rear velocity adjust
-APP foregrip
-kila pop-lock screw replacements, allows you to pop the grip on and off easily
-CP direct mount on-off ASA

(48/4500 just for reference, everything else included)

Condition notes: This marker is cleaned, leak-free and field ready, however I can not get the RT to rip. The most I can coax out of it is a weak two round burst. Could be because my tanks only had 1k psi when i tested, could be because it needs a bit of tweaking, but most likely the problem is that it needs matching 1/4" hose going to the RT instead of the 1/8" it has currently (find on Normally I'd rather get a project perfect before selling, but my burst disk blew and my other tank isnt set to the right PSI. I installed the kit NIB and can assure you everything is mechanically there. Please pm me to ask any questions.

Other than that, she's in good condition, with few blemishes.

Comes with a few extras like the sight rail and screws, might be able to include the stock asa.

Price: $160 shipped to your door (US only, unless you're willing to pay a bit extra and help guide me through the international shipping process).

I also have a couple of parts I could add for a little $$, such as a -very- rare 98 platinum vertical ASA, or a couple of pins from the techt hairpin trigger kit. update vert asa sold, but i do have a small pile of extras, just pm if interested.

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