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Ello thanks for the posts.

Im struggling with ideas for the stick feed. It might help if you knew my intent.

I have a tippmann 98 that i removed the front foregrip, stuck a freak back on with insert and no front. Essentially it is a pistol. I have it remote lined, but it looks ridiculous with a hopper on it haha. Hence why i want a stick feed. It cane be cram and jam. However, after playing around, a verticle stick hits things, looks odd and not what im looking for.

I jave a ton of hatchbox and was thinking of just printing tubes that i can put in my glove or vest like mags. Its the adaptor part i need help with.

I would like the tubes to still be gravity feed without to much slowdown and not at a 45 degree angle. Maybe im being to picky haha.

The pocket hopper is for my other tippy
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