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2k will cycle pnuematics but wont recock

So I got all of my parts , valve tool and the big 450 piece oring kit from Ebay finally and I changed all the orings and greased everything and changed all the pnuematics over to an inception ram , 3way and LPR and now the pnuematics will cycle but will not push the back block back enough to recock the cocking rod . Doesn't even hit it . Will fire if I pull the cocking rod by hand

Please help this is the first cocker I have rebuilt.

Also side note I do have the SF trilogy frame on it but with the eyes off cause I haven't had the body drilled yet . Yes the frame Has the T and a line running from the 3way to the trigger frame .
Just so you all have an idea of the marker in your head
WTB:Armson PTSC cocker body and mq2 valve
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