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F/S/T Mag Gear and Computers

For Sale or Trade:

1. Duck Bill ASA(s): $4 each
2. ULE Angel Feedneck (Black): $4
3. Luke Warp Bracket (needs rail): $4
4. Tippmann 98C to Spyder Barrel Adapter: $10
5. Angel MidRise Feedneck: $4
6. ULE Angel Feedneck (Blue, small scratch on side): $4
7. Tippmann Expansion Chamber: $10
8. PMI Expansion Chamber: $10
9. E-Blade and Cocker Parts (new Eblade eyes, noid gasket, valve tool, ect.): $20
10. Misc. Braided Line: $4 each
11. Warp Feed Plug for PowerFeed Bodies: $4
12. Standard AM Body PowderCoated Black (no scratches, real clean): $20
13. Benchmark 2x Trigger Frame w/ Drop (drop included for free): $40
14. On/Off (no name, but just like a CP on/off): $14
15. CP Feedneck Collars for HaloB: $4 for both
16. ASA Extension: $10
17. Vert ASA for Mag (cut at an angle, really scratched up): $4
18. Angel Feedneck (no name): $4
19. Angel Feedneck (cobra midrise): $4
20. Cocker Bolt: $4
21. Nelspot Constant Air Adapter: $14
22. System X Beavertail: $2 or free with purchase of $10 or more
23. Carbon Fiber Mag Forgrip by Deadly Wind: $30
24. Cocker Rear Rod: $2 or free with purchase of $10 or more
25. SP Teardrop AM Barrel: $15

Top Left - Sound Activated Rev. w/ Broken Feedneck (works, better picture): $24
Top Middle - Tippmann Bouncing Betty Gernade (new): $10
Top Right - ACI 68/3000 Tank (Hydro: 1/04 - better picture, small leak out of valve pin, but doesn't matter when you have it on the gun): $70
Bottom Left - Apache in Pieces (board works, but I don't think the motor does, better picture ): $15 or $10 w/ the other Apache
Bottom Right - Smoke Apache (Works perfectly, but has broken feedneck, better picture ): $25 ($35 for both Apaches)

IMac: $80 OBO

Needs new OS loaded. Don't know Macs so I don't know how to load it. Comes with a CD to load, but I don't know what to do with it. Comes with keyboard, mouse, and power cord.

Dell Inspiron 7500 Laptop: $200 OBO

Has Windows 98SE, DVD player, MS Office and some other nice programs. Works great. My mom used it to write her books on this computer.

Also have an older IBM that needs an OS. Also have a spare hardrive 40GB and a few monitors.

Trade Options:
- Pump Guns ( Snipers, Pump Mags, Tippmann, ect)
- Automag I-Frame
- Automag RT Style Rail w/ Sear
- Cheap Vert Cocker or Sniper II
- Tippmann 98C Parts
- Spyder Electric Frame
- Center Feed Mag Barrels
- 4GB or Larger MP3 Player
- Misc. Paintball Gear (Just try me)

I take Paypal and MO
Shipping for the Misc. Gear will be $4-$6.
- For the larger items shipping will be $7-$10.
- For the computers shipping will have to be arranged.


Please PM, Post or email me offers or questions:
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