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I need corks! I'll soak all your corks!

MCB always seems to come through for these weird types of things, from paintball parts to Dunkaroos! You guys never cease to amaze me. Ive got one for ya now that...

I have started doing some arts and crafts projects- yes, it is actually as lame as it sounds, but still.. I decided Id make a sweet cork dart backboard. Well, I ordered 100 corks to start... then I posted on Facebook and a friend showed me his. Its a good size, 3x3 and he told me to guess how many corks. Hoping Id only need a few more, I guessed 350...

The number was 1600....

1600 freakin corks!

I can pay for shipping and/or trade you some beer bottle caps.
Id rather not pay for more corks, but Im not totally against it.

Let me know what you have!

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