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Lets have a little chat about one of the aspects of this event!
Saturday night after stand down, there will be an on field event called "BLOOD AND GUTS"!

This event will require both teams to bring an equal number of players with markers and masks to an area on field. Both forces will gather in a single line of battle 100 yards from one another.
The commander of the forces will flip a coin to determine who which side gets to fire first.

After this, the order of "FIRE" will be given by either the Northern or Southern Commander. Their corresponding forces will then fire ONE paintball each at the enemy line. They will then advance 3 paces forward and halt.
Then the opposite team will repeat the process. This will continue until one team has been eliminated.
Best 2 out of 3 wins this event.
This event is also going to be worth 250 points!
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