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Pump should spring forward make sure you have everything installed properly. And that you are not missing anything.

Older Phantoms can be hard on paint it depends on what TPC (Tuned Port Compensator) and barrel combination you use. (Open face TPC and Detent rings will make a phantom more finicky on paint)

With a “C-bore” as CCI calls a Freak ready barrel and new style TPC it will allow you to shoot super brittle paint. I shoot valken Redemption Pro all the way down to 60* without issues.

Stock silver springs in a clean Phantom properly sized Cbore barrel and the phantom will make magic happen for 12g play.

You really want to make the phantom fool proof get the ASP “Air Soldier Products” Detent mod. This eliminates roll outs and double feeds also allows for a bit of an over bore for crap paint without causing issues.
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