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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
Really, the only reason to have it is to build a "period correct" 'Mag. Old VL2000 with a colored clear elbow, 12" or 16" splashed All-American barrel, stock potmetal grip frame with a cut trigger guard and splashed double trigger, straight, unmilled (that is, no 'shark gills') sight rail, ring style tourney lock (or one of those hex-nut-cap styles) and a 68CI Air America HPA system mounted in a "Fred Schultz" mounting block.

No Level 10, foamy bolt only. Spring bolt O-ring, no power tube spacers. Bonus points for an 8-hole mod.

Shoot it a couple of times to prove it can be done, maybe play a game with it in your authentic Tiger Stripe cammie pajammies and a JT X-Fire mask, then hang it on the wall of your local PB shop like the old washboards and antique coffee grinders in an Applebees.

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