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Originally Posted by DavidBoren View Post
How much did the additional volume from the Magic Box actually affect the operating pressure?
-I seem to recall Tom Kaye mentioning, in a thread many years ago, that the typical operating pressure was around 400 PSI at the chamber (this was far enough back that I assumed he meant on CO2) and that the "Magic Box" dropped that all the way down to 350 PSI.

At a cost of about 10% less gas efficiency.

The "Foxhunter" mod, on the other hand, reduced the volume of the chamber roughly the same amount, raising the chamber pressure to about 450. That increased the gas efficiency roughly 10%.

Magic box should have a c02 tank for maximum cheating doc.
-The Magic Box had nothing to do with cheating, and operated no differently on CO2 or HPA.

The Magic Box, as we all know now, was simply a hollow tube screwed into the side of the reg, to add a little volume to the 'Mag dump chamber. More gas available for the shot equals more velocity, meaning you could reduce the pressure necessary to make field velocities.

The idea the "side chamber" could "store liquid CO2" to make a hot shot is ludicrous- CO2 doesn't work that way. It can't work that way. You might as well say that side chamber "stores a slug of compressed air so the chamber can recharge faster", or something. Exact same idea, and equally impossible.

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