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Good evening everyone! Im posting here in the armory as a first time owner of an AGD Automag. After 19 years from the first time seeing one Ive finally bit the bullet and purchased one from eBay that I Liked. Ive been a lurker of this forum for a while and finally made an account last month to join in.Ive always been an Autococker fan and have had a few for the few years that I played in the very early 2000s. Its been about 15 years since Ive played and some friends are getting back into it so I decided to make a change and try something else out.
what better way to get back into it by trying the Autocockers Rival the Automag. I'm not really into the new Electro stuff either and after having a 2k4 BKO that was riddled with issues I'm staying purely Mech. So without further rambling here's the mag after a tear down and a deep clean.All the O rings fell apart in hand and I am just waiting on a rebuild kit I had ordered to arrive.

I did some research before buying this Mag and there was a Member on and MCB that Jeweled Mags for Members and was just wondering if somebody knows or remembers anything about this Particular Setup? I just thought it was really nice gun and Pretty unique so I'm excited to rebuild and use it for my return to paintball!

Thanks for all the help!
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