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(no upd. ) Tacticool Metadyne Havoc Series

Most recent update :

Indoor test :
Outdoor test (clear view of trajectories) :

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on.
  • Tactical Stock with embedded 12g co2 lever changer. I will borrow the lever changer from my rifle if anyone rembmers that the acih changer.
  • Quad weaver rail wrapping the barrel (emphasis on the "wrap" because I will not be drilling into the barrel).
  • tactical fore-grip added to bottom rail
  • weaver rail on top
  • iron sights
  • Test a variety of different shell designs to maximize scattergun effectiveness.

First things first gotta finish up this stock model.

Will probably print everything in carbon fiber filament, to match the abrasiveness of Metadyne style anodizing. And it will look aweosme.

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