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ANS ram issue and rebuild questions

All, have a cocker with ANS pneus and the following issue:

When gassed, the ram has a slight but steady leak all around the seam between the stainless housing and the hex-shaped base into which the rear barb is fitted.

When I pull the trigger, the ram stops leaking (checked with soap solution) but the 4-way begins leaking massively to the rear.

Also, when the trigger is pulled, the ram pushes with extremely weak action. The bolt (with no o-rings on and moving freely) struggles to the rear position.

However, when the trigger is released, the ram absolutely slams the bolt home.

I've tried turning down the lpr to the point that the 4-way leaks, but no change in either the leak or the force differential.

May I assume that the ram leak is causing all of these issues, including the 4-way leak?

And finally, how to disassemble the ram?

Thanks very kindly!
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