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You can actually take one partially apart in order to troubleshoot where the leak is coming from. Firstly, air it up. If the leak is coming out the barrel area, it's an oring on the bolt. If you hear the leak within the grip frame it is almost always a hose or fitting. In some cases a ring can cause it to leak back out the solenoid housing which would also come from in the frame.

Here are a couple of tips.
First, remove the grip panels and take the battery OUT. You will want to be able to reach/touch the bottom of the board. The board itself 'resides' in a slot inside the trigger frame rather than being mounted. There are a few lines that run inside. One runs to the front, over the reg, and then the other two are fore and aft of the board itself screwed into the body.

There are two screws in the frame itself and then one screw in the "barrel lip". Remove those and slowly pull down on the trigger frame, don't wiggle it back and forth. Use a finger to gently push up on the board from inside, it will stay "with" the body.
As you lower the frame away you will note that one of the hoses (the one attached to the reg) will stay with the frame. As you pull that down a touch you will reach a point where it won't easily lower any more.
At this point you can air up the rig to see if any of the hoses leak. IF you want to continue disassembly (without the tank on), gently turn the frame at an angle to the body so you can access the fitting on top of the reg area. When you pull that fitting loose the frame itself will pull away from the body and board. Make sure to guide your battery wires up through the frame to avoid breakage.

At this point you can loosen the fore and aft fittings that are near the board. Pull the eye wire off the bottom of the body and the board and hose assy will pull away.

The body slides backwards off the inner metal part. The metal part will pull apart from the front and back sections to access the bolt. There is also a bolt spacer in there that has a couple of rings on it.

Re-assembly is just the opposite. It should make sense to you. Screw the fore and aft fittings in, plug in the eye wire, line up the board to the frame slot, push closed some and put back on the reg fitting hose. MAKE SURE that as you close the body and frame back together that you make sure your eye wires and hoses are not being pinched inbetween. It's easy to do. If you feel resistance to the body and frame closing up, see what is in the way inside. There are channels for the hoses and eye wire to be in aside the fittings.

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