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Originally Posted by travis1581 View Post
I have only used SUNLU PLA+ in black. It prints beautifully at 200C with a 60C bed temp. However, it is the only stuff I have used so I have nothing to compare it to.
I hated sunlu. I bought 2 rolls. The package said prints at 230 - 260 and couldn't get a decent print without stringing and blobbing. Went through a roll with iffy prints. Turns out, it prints better at 190-210 which means they use a LOT of glycol. This makes sense because even after I started getting better quality prints, it was mega brittle. Didn't seem like PETG.

They gave me my money back and I just bought 3 rolls of black Amazon basics. t prints where normal PETG should print. 230 - 240. It prints amazing, very little stringing. Very strong. Not brittle. The spool is wound really good. Have had no issues. I am impressed at the amazon stuff...
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