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Outlaw paintball in WV on Feb 16th

I'm trying to give a little more of a heads-up. The last game was very short notice. Now on to the details...

Come play indoor-ish paintball, while we still have permission.

Short video of a game from this past Sunday....

When: Feb 16th, 2019
Where: Close to Pt. Pleasant, WV (Southern border of Ohio, I'll PM directions if interested)
Time: lets say Noon-5pm (I'll try to be there by 11am)
Paint: BYOP
Air: HPA-BYOA/CO2-first come, first served(limited supply of pre-filled tanks) or BYO


1. Carp13 +4 confirmed, 2 maybe's


1. JKR (Smited by grown-up things)

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