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Zap ZXS600e modernizing

So. This is now the 3rd one of these I've owned. Other than dry firing them for testing, I've never shot one. However I really dig the overall design and oddity of them. But, of course, me being who I am I can't just leave anything stock.

Here's some pics for those who aren't familiar with the operation. It's like a FASOR ICD cat. Vertical valve, HUGE solenoid, no HPR. The bolt and ram are one piece, which is also heavy stainless. The bolt through the top holds the guide for the return spring.

I'm thinking. Open up the valve passages and respring, hopefully run off a low pressure tank and reduce kick. Much smaller (lighter) 3 way solenoid. More modern board. Delrin bolt if I can get someone to make it for me for a reasonable price.20190209_154939.jpeg20190209_154930.jpeg20190209_154924.jpeg20190209_154846.jpeg
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