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I have had plenty of experience with the A5 and X7 Phenom cyclones to tell you that the stock parts are better than any of the "upgrades" any day.

You may be experiencing an overclock or under clocking issue. This can be verified by cycling the marker with no paint and looking at the paddles rotate. This can sometimes be caused by the cyclone piston not functioning correctly or just the cyclone ratchet being bad.

Another issue is that the paint may be getting flung into the breach at a high enough force to crack it in the breach. Whenever you go to shoot, you get soup. Again, my issues were upgrades installed, revert back to stock parts (even the hose) and see where you get.

The soft paddles wear out, plain and simple. The "softness" you get is a joke as they can fling the paint into the breach even harder, of which is where the vast majority of my paint broke.

I would myself revert back to the stock internals and see where you get. If they are worn out, ping Tippmann for the more current versions as they have improved the quality of the cyclone with some of the newer parts.
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