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Originally Posted by not-required View Post
I believe the Prusa is available assembled and ready to go out of the box.
Is true.

The Prusa has many printed parts, in the kit or assembled. That used to be the "thing"; printers making printers. The parts are mostly well designed and tested. Hot or high stress parts are PETG printed, the rest is PLA. The black frame is water jet cut aluminum with powder coating (very stout).

The kit isn't bad at all. Supervised students put them together frequently. It's like a jig saw puzzle with instructions, or building a plastic model. Take your time (hours). There are videos too. Seeing how the steel hardware is integrated into the printed parts is very interesting in itself. It was a lot easier than I expected. From Prusa forum comments, assembly runs from about 8 hours if you are fast to about 16 hours if you are slow. 6 hours for repeat assemblers. That means you walk away from it at times and take a break at least, if not come back a day or two later. I have to admit that I have a lot of background that helped me with the build.

I didn't really want a kit at first, but I used it to help figure out how to work with my son's old one. He had to figure out a lot on his own (not so much internet support then), so I wasn't excited about jumping into the middle of it. Now I'm working on getting it moving again so that one of us can play with it.

I was trying to use Sketchup Web (drawing software), but I kept getting stuck on complex shapes. I fixed the Autodesk Fusion account I started a while back and got it working last night. Much better.
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