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I obviously have quite an obsession with the 90 round hopper by Viewloader. I have always thought that a 50 round was to small, and a 200 round is to large, obviously depending on the gamestyle etc., so to me the 90 round has been a go to over the years.

In my venture of making replica's for my own personal attempts to print, I have the VL 90 on the drawing board. I see some adjustments that need to be made, and also features to still finish, but was curious what people feel a fair market value on something like this is? I am thinking this is another item, not worth selling, as on draft quality it will have about 16 hours with the lid.

Also what other hoppers would people like to see a possible replica made? I have a 50 round WGP, and a 50 rd Taso Rambox. I always make as close to an original, then make some changes. I am thinking I will try to incorporate the CCI Feed Gate, and possibly making them with the 1" feedneck as well.

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