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Originally Posted by atomicleaf View Post
Yesterday I was running a bigshot .682, the low-cap PAL hopper, and a ninja SL2 45/45.
This is where mine is heading. I played with a , oh! , 17 cu in bottle this weekend. I had thought up until now that it was a 22. I was stuffing the loader to start and carrying 4x 30rd tac-pods in my pockets. I went through all of my paint on one fill twice (two games) without going below 1000 psi (out of 3k). I was thinking it was doing "OK", but it was doing better than that.

I have a hi-cap PALs coming and working on a 45/45 for a scenario. A longer barrel with smaller porting does make the EMEK even more quiet.

I had to shake the loader about once every 100 rounds, not always when it was stuffed. I noticed my low-cap PAL sat about 2 mm above the top of the feedneck. Considering actuator doesn't move much, I ran the bottom of the loader neck around a little in a flat circle on some sandpaper. That knocked some of the edge off and let it set down to the little points on the feedneck index notch. IDK if it matters yet.

Interesting chrono thing; with paint that was just touching (if it stopped at all) across a 684 lurker one piece barrel, the velocity went up a good 20 fps over the stock barrel. The barrel is long, but the sound and velocity are good. I still need some good paint to try it with; nothing seemed to fly straight with the last batch.
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