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CCI Phantom Fan
The MAK, CCI Phantom Magfed Adapter Kit

Magfed adapter kit for your stock class center feed CCI Phantom, designed by Rainmaker and myself! Allows you to use any TiPX compatible mag on your phantom! Run with the 7 and 13 round Tippmann Mags or Zetamags while taking full advantage of the reliability, accuracy, and consistency of the Phantom.

New feature added for Rev 2!

Reverse feed is now available for those with undercocking kits or standard pump handles that have the tops shaved down. This version will now include a shorter screw to secure the adapter in the reverse direction and a set screw to plug the second mounting hole from the top, preventing paint splatter from entering the breach.


- Latch mag retention
- Mags are easy to insert and remove
- Low profile design
- Reverse feed mounting
- All hardware needed for standard and reverse feed
- Picatinny Rail
- Right and Left hand variants
- PETG body
- ABS latch
- Comes with an extra ABS latch to keep this thing running for a long time.

Price shipped each:

$37.95 in the US of A

To purchase, head over to my ebay shop:

Magfed adapter section of my Ebay shop


Right hand version (latch on the right side):

Standard feed:

Reverse feed:

Left hand version (latch on the left side):

Standard feed:

Reverse feed:

Set screw on top:


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