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NXL Vegas 2019 viewer observations

Anyone else watch?

I had a few observations:

(1) The camera / broadcast was way better than any year I've ever seen. Camera / boom positions were perfect and transitions effectively captured the game. Commentary included replay of important plays. A family friend entirely unfamiliar with paintball was over for dinner and was able to enjoy it after I gave a short explanation of rules. The game still suffers from lack of a central point of focus.

(2) Ads included commercials for fields which I thought was cool but I can only imagine is ultimately ineffective. The commercials were directed to people that haven't ever played, extolling the virtues of the fields rental fleets and so forth. In addition to being a much wider audience than their target (ads for fields in tx don't mean much for viewers in Utah Like me) the fact is that if you were watching the ad on the NXL broadcast you wouldn't be renting. However, it was cool to see some fields across the nation.

(3) The field layout shook things up I think. There seemed to be enough variations of strategies to be used that there was variety in how games went. Most successful seemed to be conservative approaches but not always. I think it was an excellent layout.

All in all it was the most enjoyable experience I've had watching tournament paintball.

Anyone else watch? Thoughts?
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