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Meteor M1 Deluxe body kit

Haven't played paintball in years. Just won the black/blue/purple Meteor M1 Deluxe body kit on Facebook. Interested in parting with it.

-Anodizing created by: Aesthetic Anodizing
-Complete Body Kits (Body, Vasa, Front Block, Back Block)
-F1 11/16 Valve, Front Block Screw Red Chamber, Valve Spring, Detents, Screws, O Rings
-V2 Classic Frames (Brass tip vertical set screws, Frame springs and screws, Sear Pin)
-Aluminum Cocking Rod/Bumper
-Classic Feedneck
-Classic Hammer
-Hogue Grips
-2 Feet Black Hose

Was told it was worth $600 - $650. Please correct me if this is wrong. Asking $550

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