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Originally Posted by Rover Lead View Post
Iím still trying to wrap my head around why one would design and manufacture an electric loader that needs shaking.
Supposedly this was a combination of KT wanting to lower expectations of how well it worked and it actually needing the occasional helping "bump 'n shake" - someone said it was only occasionally that it needed a helping hand to work ... really hope they decide to just try and fix this before actually releasing a partially working product. Most players can forgive a "delay to get it working right" no one forgets crap released when it just plain doesn't work well ... and here I thought they were heading in a better direction but still just re-selling overpriced cr4p I guess ...

Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent
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