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i bought a few of the "box of random" stuff. All listed as "broken/for parts"...
i thought, how could a body be broken? When i got it, the top tube was out of round. lol
another, the back of the top tube was squished. Same with the front on another body. Trigger frames had stripped screw holes and what not. And then everything thing else in the box was just filler. just garbage. Feedneck LED lights, paper survival guide, a ton of .50 cal bolts and parts, and just random useless stuff.

i think they saved everything from repairs over the years and are now dumping everything.

1st box was 35
2nd box i offered and they accepted 25
3rd box i offered and they accepted 15 or 10 iirc

just junk in those boxes

they HAD some good stuff a few years back and there was a splash anodized grey body spyder that slipped through my fingers. Still looking for it. I was able though, to pick up the E77 and E88 markers.
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