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Originally Posted by fossilhead View Post
I do not know exaclty what they were called originally.

I have a big forehead.

It's easily a fivehead.

If you have one of these things I'd like to buy it.
"Vforce Profiler Vflector Visor"

They are hard to find for sale, because most people don't want to part out their mask. But I am trying to offset expenses due to my Wife's Cancer, so I am selling off a lot of my paintball stuff. How much total shipped, would you give me for it? (and what state am I shipping to?)

Link to my Cancer Super Sale....

Cancer Sale:

Empire AXE / Invert Mini / Empire BT TM15 / Tiberius T8 / Eagle 68 Pistol
Crosman 3357 Revolver / Mark V50 Revolver / AGA62 Pistol / Nelspot 007

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