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First Layer Gaps

Hey guys getting some gaps in the first layer I cant seem to fix.

Slic3r prusa edition
Prusa i3 MK2.5 with the latest firm update
Atomic PETG
220C print temp (all layers)
85C bed temp (all layers)
.15mm layer height
.25mm first layer height
Calibrated the extruder
Calibrated the first layer
First layer speed is 15mm/s
First layer extrusion width is .45mm
Extrusion multiplier is 1
Filament diameter is 1.73 (average)

Sticks to the bed and the first layer perimeters come out good but the gaps are persistent. I have tried changing print temp, first layer height, first layer width and speed with no good outcome. The rest of the print came out great.

Out of ideas


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