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Hey guys. Not to be a complete D, but does everyone realize that they have 2 versions of this revolver HDR50 and TR50. The HDR shoots higher FPS/joules then the TR model. I have the TR50 that has the F stamp.
The first shot on new 12 gram 327fps. The next 11in the 312 to 320 range. After that 250-275 fps for 15 rounds. The gun has great efficiency, the TR50 came with a total of 5 cylinders. I like this gun. I also own many 3357s and the Khaos conversion model. This may be a little easier to use in a game then those.
I think the HDR model would be the best starting point for a 68 cal model, but it would require new printed cylinders, and extensive reworking of the existing frame. Maybe, the best answer is to transplant the power train into a new printed frame and cylinder system.
just my thoughts
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