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Detent question.


A quick Google search didn't yield any results, so here's a question. Does the length of the threaded section of a cocker detent vary across brands? I have a 2k3 WGP cocker with a hex nickel-plated looking detent that when threaded in all the way rubs on/locks up the bolt. It came with an o-ring behind it when I bought it which broke & I suppose I could just install a new o-ring but I'd rather get the correct detent.
So do they vary or is there something with the 2k3s that is different? Can't imagine the 2k3s being any different, but I just want to make sure I buy the right one. Or perhaps mine is for something else entirely?

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Can't believe I didn't think of this sooner- I should try the factory detent from my 2k2 on it & see what happens. But I'd still need a nickel/chrome one to match everything. Gotta match the nickel front end 'cause it's gonna be a gift for someone. Just got done with work, so my mind is shot at the moment.
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