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I decided to make a couple more refinements to my feed plug just to make it look a bit cleaner. I decided to get rid of the screw I used before and replace it with a carriage bolt. This gives the face a much smoother look and it's a lot stronger too. I also designed a back cap to hide the nut on the back side. It's too late tonight to bust out the Dremel, but once the bolt is cut to size, the back cap should be a press fit. The new o-rings came in too. I'm really liking the red and black theme going on here.

Best of all, I cracked open my very first roll of eSun PETG. This stuff printed flawlessly. I think what really helped was that my old stock PTFE tube had a very low melting point that didn't get along very well with the temperature I had to print this at (245 C). My new Capricorn tubing has a much higher melting point and it was unfazed by the higher temps. I should be able to button this up either tomorrow morning before work or after I get home. I'll also be re-printing the front cap in PETG to reap the benefits of the stronger material. Even though PETG is stronger than PLA, I'm still going to stick with the stainless bolt just to be safe. I can't have this part cracking off inside the feed tube in the middle of a game.

Now for some eye candy.

Updated 3D model:

Back Cap
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