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PLA: Atomic, push or hatchbox - not too fond of the amazon basics stuff
PETG: Atomic & I use atomic CF PETG, inland/ esun
ABS: Atomic or hatchbox
ASA: Fillamentum
Nylon: Taulman Alloy 910 when ridiculous strength is required.

I do think I'm going to switch to atomic almost exclusively because the consistency seems better than average and it's decently priced.

I've never printed ninjaflex or anything like that... I always use a resin printer for those applications.

Tough: Siraya Blu & with my form 2 I used primarily the grey pro
Flexible: I have only ever used formlabs here, but will be trying photocentric soon. The formlabs stuff was so good we could print solenoid gaskets that'd seal fine for testing. Dye also started using a small laser cutter to cut temporary seal out of a thin sheet.
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