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i wore my "lackland loafers" for many years.. full leather combat boot, was nice having waterproofing up over the ankle, also allows you to blouse your pants so you dont get chiggers up your legs as easily..

but seeing as how those boots are long since retired and sucked on dirt with bigger rocks. i typically tend to go with waterproof trail running shoes.

another option that i have been dying to try, but it wouldn't be using them for their intended purposes would be reebok's spartan race shoes called the all terrain super

they were made for obstacle course racing, and are the opposite of waterproof (instead they have drains to chanel the water out)

they are lightweight, can handle a half marathon trail run while being submerged and drying out several times, they have a really aggressive tread with extra grip on the toes, and they dont kill your feet

you can sometimes get the older version on clearance for better prices, but there's just something in my brain about taking shoes that were made for water, dirt and running and splattering paint all over them.. dirt and mud wash off. paint, sometimes not so much

also found a pair of all black ones for 99

i cant attest to the durability of the 3.0, but i ran the 1.0 through 5 races until the fabric failed on one part.. they took a TON of abuse and just kept smiling.. and i could clean them off with the hose

^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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