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McClelland's Single Malt Scotch. It's a single malt from Bowmore for under $25. They have a Highlands, a Lowlands, a Speyside, and an Isley. All great representations of each. Not complex, but a great intro to the single malts.

Another good value is Old Bardstown Bourbon, they have a 101 proof bottle that's closer to $30, but their 90 proof bottle is just over $20. This is from the famous Willet family known for their Bourbon blends.

Depending on which hobby is getting love I alternate between the $100 range and the $20 range, so I do appreciate a good value.

If you really want to stretch a buck sub $20 there's Benchmark from Buffalo Trace, which is the cheapest bourbon you can get from the most expensive distiller since Pappy blew up. Another is Deadwood, which is MGP Bourbon without the phony backstory and huge markup.

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