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Originally Posted by JonM View Post
Not yet. I wouldn't be opposed to the idea though. I can't imagine that I'd lose much detail on parts like these with a wider nozzle. The most detail on this model is in the knurling. I wouldn't think that thicker layers would affect the appearance much. Although, I'm sure that the curved surfaces would have more stepping to them.

I'm really not looking at producing these either. I've pretty much taken the stance that I like to design and print something then move on to the next project. I tried printing batches of parts for sale before and it just sucked the fun out of 3D printing for me. So, I'll post the STL files for anyone who wants them and keep pushing forward with new ideas.
I know what you mean there. Nothing sucks more than not printing a part for yourself because you're printing a pile of parts for someone else.
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