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My favorite big, but fairly quick breakfast is breakfast burritos. 20min?

1lb Ground Beef
1 Bag of hash browns
1 16oz carton of egg beaters (or just use real eggs)
1 Onion (cut up)
1 package of tortilla shells
1 bag of mexican or colby jack cheese
1 cut up green pepper
A little bit of olive oil

In one frying pan, brown beef, cook onions and pepper and fry hash browns with a little oil, while in another pan, make scrambled eggs out of the egg beaters. Then mix the two pans togther and mix in a handful of cheese. Wrap mix into tortilla shells, sprinkle on the rest of the cheese and cook at 350 degrees for a few minutes (use you own descretion). Or you can keep the mixture in a bag or pan in the fridge, then microwave how ever many tortillas you want in the morning. Best with sour cream and salsa.
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