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Doc's field setup

So this just popped up on my local Craigslist

Doesn't say what the compressor is but it's a 3 stage so it's possible it's HP 00r0r_1YP1aeiTdYq_600x450.jpg00I0I_axBh3LMUTH1_600x450.jpg00808_6Dt5CN93TXn_600x450.jpg01616_20tK4Ybu955_600x450.jpg00i0i_74jS7glICvd_600x450.jpg00X0X_eLr50wTVcQB_600x450.jpg00303_c250VI76FYG_600x450.jpg00N0N_agxQyo7sDjI_600x450.jpg00H0H_PWT6hBRib4_600x450.jpg

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