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2ks rf pumper fart gun.

Really sweet piece. Need to make room so it and others need to go. Have one like it but half blocked, it obviously takes up less space so makes more sense to keep it instead. Chronoed in 278- 280 (no not negative 2 fps, as that would cause it to backfire which might be fatal, definitely would get you eliminated) using the barrel on it, triumph paint. Unknown barrel but engraved 684, has tape for detent. Shoots really darn good and sounds great, if you love listening to farts over and over again (minus the smell of course).
Want $599.99,
But since I like you guys for some darn reason, I'll accept $175.03 delivered to your door anywhere in the USA.
If you don't want the barrel, it'll be $597.07 and I'll make you take all of my stock barrels, and a heavy drop forward and include a dead fish, and a dirty baby diaper, and a bag of cat poop. I don't own a cat, but I'll procure one. I don't charge for you to look at pics of it so enjoy. Like an all you can eat buffet, minus the food and eating, and free!
Stock front block and pneumatics, pump arm come with it. Dont know if I have the timing rod though. I probably used it for a toothpick and to clean out my blackheads. Cheers! Attachment 6978320190517_180640.jpg
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