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Originally Posted by Scougar View Post
I want to try out the PE gloves but I am not sure about their durability. I tried a pair on at EMR and they seemed relatively nice... But I am real tough on gloves it seems. My next pair will definitely have to allow me to feel more though.

Edit: there were also some skin like Dye (I think) from years ago that my friends had. Was like wearing a second skin. Can't remember the name though.
Dye Meta gloves were the name. I still have a pair and wear then every time I play. They have lasted over 5 years and I love them. They protect my knuckles and palms during slides, but breathe and give me complete dexterity. I love that I don't need to take them off if I need to do any quick work on guns. If it's cold out I use mechanix, but that's only because the dye ones have 0 insulation properties. I wish I could find another pair of metas, but I haven't seen them in years.
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