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Phantom revolution f/s

825 obo
#60 0f 150 urban acid wash camo
1 of 1 Anno(confirmed by Mike c.)
Has all the goodies
12 round feed tube
11in barrel
Adjustable t stock
Original pump handle(and aftermarket)
12 gram bucket changer
Hose to run tank off the back
All Pistons(to change volume for hpa or co2)
Two bolt tips(one is for brittle paint)
All barrel "detent inserts"
A phantom to cocker thread adapter
Total parts kit.

Comes with:
Rtr boomerang
2 4oz co2 tanks
Pb Mafia joyride pack(with 10 rounders)
Can also throw in my exalt marker case xl, for a little extra cash

For any questions or concerns please shoot me a text at 850-557-8993

SIDE NOTE: can anyone assist me in deleting the two prior post about this gun?

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