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Originally Posted by JKR View Post
Thanks again AnarchicArctic for an excellent review!

One thing I noted regarding the pants is that it is recommended to hand wash. Maybe that is common with paintball pants...not sure as my experience with anything other than BDUs is limited. However, it is a giant pain to consider hand washing.

I washed mine in a gentle cycle with warm water and hung them to dry. I know a dryer would be a bad thing for sure but I can't think that washing in a gentle cycle would do much harm. I guess time will tell.

Another thing related to the topic of washing - the pants stunk...big time. Right out of the bag, mine had a very strong odor...sort of a chemical smell. After washing, it went away.
If you read even non paintball cloths tags alot say "hand washing" .

I take that with a grain of salt given any clothes improperly washed will wear out faster and/or fall apart.

the biggest thing I have found when washing any of my soft gear that helps ALOT is get a washer that does not use an in machine agitator.
I have one and its a godsend for gear.

BTW as you found out NEVER DRY IT outside of maybe just air dry.
I hang my most of my gear out after washing.

sorry to get off topic

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