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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
heres what i remember,

the regular frames that have been on CCM guns since they started doing the 86 took CZ-75 hogues, they switched over to delrin panels because they could be made in house, and then it was just a measure of material cost and machine time..
as opposed to paying wholesale prices for rubber grips that would get passed to the consumer (the grips cost $20, so the price goes up $20) the first run of phantom frames (and maybe the second) had some dimensional issues with the panel fit. i THINK CZ-75 grips will fit but they also might take a little trimming on the inner panel to get it to sit right

so in short, cocker 86 frame, CZ's are universal, panels might be a little iffy depending on if it a really old frame like a slider

phantom "lonestar adapter" frame, panels that it came with will always be a perfect fit, everything else might take a little trimming/dremmeling to get to fit correctly

found the post with bill's reply showing the differences with current gen panels on a phantom frame
Thanks! Unfortunately, this confirms that the Phantom panels aren't compatible with other 86 frames, so I'm not sure if I'll have the custom panels made. I'll think on it some more, though.
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