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PGP2K Rollout Fixes

I have this fancy pants custom PGP:

And while it is super cool, it does me no good. Why, you ask? Rollouts. ALL the rollouts. This bore is so big, it has rollouts when you point it straight up. That's right, gravity defying rollouts.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but still. You get the idea.

I'm sure this has been beaten to death, but what are some different things I can try to calm this problem down? I'm pondering drilling and tapping the side of the barrel just in front of the "chamber" and installing one of those spring loaded ball bearings (don't remember the technical term) you see on 'cockers and the like. I seem to remember people doing a nail polish trick as a quick fix, but I'd like something more permanent.

Also, with this big of a bore, how bad of a velocity/pressure bleed-off can I expect as the Co2 escapes around the ball?

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