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Looking for 2 Autococker beavertails... Shocktech, KAPP, CCM, maybe others...

I am looking for 2 beaver-tails to complete a pair of my builds (98 STO with all Shocktech pneumatics & 2K pump build)

Beavertail 1
Shocktech in black, or black & natural metal/silver be it plain or polished. Dust black is preferred but satin and gloss black will be considered.

Beavertail 2
Shocktech, KAPP, CCM and any other beavertail that has the mount/rod/ring style similar to the ones shown below in the example pictures. Same color and finish prefer for this one as well.

If you have a beaver tail that fits the description please send me a PM with your asking price including shipping in the CONTUS.

Shocktech example

KAPP example

CCM example
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