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2-man/10ball Tournament: July 13 @ Gator Pball (Hudson, FL)

Here we go again!
Short notice, but notice.

2-man/10-ball is back at Gator by demand!

A Cheap day of fantastic fun!

2-man/10-ball Tournament
Gator Paintball Extreme in Hudson, FL
Saturday, July 13, 2019.

It’s simple: 2 vs. 2; each player has 10 balls; each team has a flag.
Win the game by getting the flag across the field or by eliminating both players on the other team.
Win the match by winning 3 out of 5 games.
Win the tournament by playing well, keeping a good attitude and – well, winning.

Feel The Rush!
Feel The Challenge!

That happens every game!

Call a friend and Register today
by using the official webpage (see below), e-mailing me or PMing me.

The entry fee: your usual Gator field fee plus a $18 per team. What's not to like!
First Prize: A custom “Champions” t-shirt for each of the two players.

There might be two divisions: newer players (no or little tournament play) and experienced players (tournament backgrounds).

For event details, registering link and rules, go here:

For field info, use this:

-- Sign-in starts at 8:45am.

-- Unless posted differently before the event, this is a FPO event.

-- Play with whatever airgun [marker] you are comfortable with [pump, semi-mechanical, semi-electro, whatever].)

-- This will be a double-elimination tournament with a maximum of 12 teams.

-- If there are 2+ teams of non-experienced players, there will be a Not-Experienced-Players tree/division.
2-man/10-ball Paintball Association

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