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Sheridan/PPG/brass gun lot


Trying to make room on the shelves for other stuff.
Bought all this over the last 3ish years, most of it here.
Anything that was rusting I scrubbed as best I could, naval jellied, and then rust converted, should hold up for another 20 years of being beaten up on.
As far as I can remember, every part is present and accounted for (save 1 pair of grips in lieu of the chopped up crossman stock) and there are probably several parts spare. The one gun that is assembled works fine, but obviously gets like 14 balls per cartridge.
There's also 3 new phantom 12 gram adapters, a valve tool, new valve seals, the pgp sized barrel socks (I think I have a 3rd one in the car I will throw in if I can find it), a couple new screws, and any o-ring included are new (or at least less than 2 years old).
This stuff is just too heavy for me to be running around with anymore.

I do not want to split this up at this time. The *ONLY* trade I'm interested in is an emek, so I guess let's start the price there. $235 shipped takes the lot.


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